On February 8, 2019, NLPOA Fresno Chapter members met with members of the California Teaching Fellows Foundation, Fresno, Ca and presented them with approximately 75 coats for the children. Adriana Orozco, informed us that the CTFF works with young students during afterschool programs throughout Fresno County. The majority of the children are from families that could use the coats. Thanks to the collaboration between NLPOA Fresno and Pleasant Valley State Prison Staff, we were able to accommodate over seventy students from the program. The following statement is from Adriana and the photos of the students with the coats, thanking NLPOA Fresno.

“I just want to send a thank you for the generous jacket donations. The kids who received them were very happy, some even shocked that they were receiving one. The parents of the kids were so appreciative and wanted to me to send their thank yous to you as well.” Adriana Orozco, California Teaching Fellows Foundation, Fresno, CA.

By Ruben Diaz