Florida State President

Roddy Monsivais
[email protected]
PO Box 668354
Miami Fl. 33166

“Retired Award Winning” NLPOA Officer of the Year in 2005, Lieutenant, Federal Officer, Leader and Man­agement Professional with over twenty years of progres­sively responsible experience in Corrections, Security, Law Enforce­ment, Investigations and Correctional Facilities Man­agement. Career was characterized by quality perfor­mance and outstanding con­tributions to the U.S. Department of Justice and Federal Bu­reau of Prisons, proven track record of improving security pro­to­cols, long-standing dedi­cation to community service and com­mitment to the highest standards of professionalism and respect.

Received National Latino Peace Officers Association Vicente Cal­deron Hispanic Officer of the Year Award (2005) for “Signifi­cant Contributions to the Community and to the Agency” (First Federal Law Enforcement Officer and Department of Justice Staff Member to receive such a Prestigious Award).

Roddy back in 2001, was the Vice President for the Washington Coalition of Hispanic and Law Enforcement, called WACHALE. It was then he and the President, after conversing with the members of WACHALE, they initiated and started the very first Seattle Chapter of the National Latino Peace Officers Association in Washington State. Since then, the small chapter has proven it’s self to be use full for not only the members, but for all Law Enforcement Agencies and outside communities within the Seattle/Tacoma area.

Roddy has created a sense of unity and camaraderie among his members in his chapter, his staff, the people he surrounds himself with. Within the NLPOA Miami Dade Chapter, Roddy has displayed the characteristics most desired. His willingness to continue striving to become a better member sets a positive example for his subordinates as well as his peers. He has been extremely dedicated to the National Latino Peace Officers Association. He takes what he’s learned from his Law Enforcement agency and disseminates it to his members of the National Latino Peace Officer Association, via training.
Roddy constantly maintains a con-do attitude, ability to motivate, the professionalism he exudes in the highest degree, without a doubt, promotes the ‘Esprit de Corps’.