photo of Cesar Chavez


The man of all seasons, who personally witnessed the injustices handed to the farm workers by farmers, courts and businesses. As a young man living at home with his parents and siblings, Cesar recognized the wrong and worked hard to eliminate these injustices.

Cesar Chavez was born on March 31, 1927, near Yuma, Arizona and as a young boy was introduced to field work. Due to the low wages, it was very difficult for farm workers to enjoy the very basic benefits that hard work should offer. This was not the case for farm working families, as a result young Mexican Children found it necessary to work in the fields in order to help support the family.

In the 1950s, Mr. Cesar Chavez continued to work as a community and labor organizer and in 1962 he founded the National Farm Workers Association. He absolutely believed in non-violence, this is evident in all his demonstrations and protests that were conducted peacefully. He left for himself the unselfish task of going on hunger strikes to bring world attention to the goals he and his followers were attempting to change for the betterment of farm workers.

His non-violent actions and his call in 1968, to boycott California Table Grapes brought sympathy to the cause as well as valuable resources. His and his follower’s positive actions finally developed into the Farm Workers Unions.

Farm workers benefits were partially granted through the heroic efforts of Mr. Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta and the many other staff members and participants that through their dedication and staying the course of “Si Se Puede” made the impossible possible. Their efforts also brought to the forefront and demonstrated to the world the dangers of pesticides on farmworkers, as well as the public in general. On a personal note, as a young boy working in the fields picking cotton, the planes spraying pesticides flew over our work location spraying both the cotton, and us, the workers with pesticide chemicals.

Those that have not suffered the injustices are quick to dismiss the facts regarding the hazards brought about by farmers who were not aware, or didn’t care.

We salute Mr. Cesar Chavez for his many self-sacrifices that sadly contributed to his early death.  however, he left a legacy for us to follow and the moral forfeiture to say, “Si Se Puede” Feliz Cumpleanos Cesar! His legacy continues and inspires others to continue with the good fight. Many of his goals are the same as the National Latino Peace Officers Association in that he fought for equal justice and equal representation at the table.