On May 14, 2021, NLPOA Central Valley Chapter Members were invited, by the city of Kingsburg Chief Neil Dadian to attend the City’s Awards Presentation. Due to the COVETS the Chapter was unable to host its Recognition Awards Banquet. This event, however, offered the perfect forum to honor our member, Detective Eric Vasquez with a special NLPOA Plaque for his investigative efforts and commitment to the community. Members present were Frances (the first member of LPOA) Aricelia Vasquez (Eric’s Wife) Martha Calderon Chapter Treasurer, and Noelia Avila, member.

Previously, Detective Vasquez was awarded commendations by both the community and department recognition in his 15 plus years as a policeman, thus setting a positive work ethic for others to follow. Both he and his wife are loyal chapter members and can always be counted on to assist at chapter functions, in youth, community and scholarship fundraising events.

The event was held at City Park and was well attended by city officials and guest. We are very proud of Eric, his work ethic, commitment to Kingsburg Police Department and family makes him the type of person police departments should be looking for in their hiring and promoting process.

Si Se Puede,