NLPOA Fresno County Chapter Meeting at the Westside Elementary School

 NLPOA Fresno and Community

On May 22, 2018, NLPOA Fresno County Chapter members attended a meeting at the Westside Elementary School pertaining to gangs and community concerns. NLPOA members in attendance were Ruben Diaz, President and Joe Ortiz, Treasurer, along with Lieutenant Alexander, Fresno County Sheriff’s Office. Superintendent Baldomero Hernandez and Volunteer Javier Guzman, who coordinated the meeting. Several members of the community and parents of the children at Westside Elementary attended the  meeting to discuss issues of concern. As a result of a incident near the school, the parents wanted to talk about crime prevention and the increase of Sheriff’s patrol checks around the school. The event was informative and the community members appreciated the response by NLPOA Fresno and the Sheriff’s Office. Mr. Hernandez and Guzman are to be commended for coordinating this meeting in order to avoid any future major crime in or near the school.

By Ruben Diaz