I have always believed in the power of mentoring, especially of young people and certainly for those young minds that can readily be affected positively or negatively. I heard of Jose’s unbelievable accomplishments, not only in academia but in his ability to change the course of his life. While living in Cutler/Orosi area he attended Orosi Highschool there. As a resident and student, Jose was certainly exposed to negative influences that attempted to sway his direction into drugs and gang environments.
So many young people waste their lives in “living for the moment” without regards to their future. Many of these young folks have natural God-given talents which are wasted when positive mentoring is provided by parents, teachers, and other people, if they were so motivated, to direct a small portion of their time to spend with young people and providing the guidance and motivation to change these young expressional lives.

Jose Guerrero luckily had the folks that saw his potential and took the time and effort to assist him in recognizing his qualities and to identified those negative obstacles that blocked him as he tried to make the positive changes if he was to succeed in life. Thankfully he met mentors that made the difference.
Here is his story in his own words in which care and mentoring provided him the strength to improve.
Si Se Puede

After almost six years, I am happy to officially announce that I have graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering! I also received Summa Cum Laude honors (95th percentile) on my degree and was awarded the departmental “Outstanding B.S. in Aerospace Engineering 2020-2021 Award.”
I couldn’t have accomplished this goal without the continuous support of my family, friends, and many amazing mentors I had along the way. Thank you everyone who suported, you all know who you are.

UCLA was amazing! I got to conduct undergraduate research which won “Top Honors” at a UC system wide undergraduate symposium, join clubs and apply my knowledge to real life design and work as an intern where I gained invaluable knowledge every summer!
I am also happy to announce that I will be moving to Michigan in August to start a PhD program in Aerospace Engeering at the University of Michigan on a full ride fellowship! Currently, I am working as a system analysis and rocket cargo engineer at the Air Force Research Laboratory and will be continuing my relationship with the rocket lab as I earn my PhD.

I am happy to have this closed this chapter of my life and am excited for the near future!
Dedicated to my parents Maria Barajas and Abel Limon.