NLPOA Member’s Core Benefits Defined

NLPOA Career Development

  • NLPOA members are provided with the latest national and local training to advance their careers.
  • NLPOA members receive assistance with Promotional Testing. Be a part of Study Groups, Test Taking Strategies and Assessment Centers.
  • Training for Technical Assignments and or Training for Task Force Assignments.
  • The NLPOA maintains a list of law enforcement agencies that are looking for transfers, or looking for Spanish speaking officers.
  • The NLPOA Mentorship Program is designed to assist NLPOA members through the law enforcement academies and through the first year of non-permanent status by providing solid/ethical responses to problems and questions.

NLPOA Legal Defense Program

  • NLPOA members are encouraged to use their unions or police/corrections associations first, as they also represent your employment interests.
  • The NLPOA Legal Defense Program is available (optional) to our NLPOA membership for those employment events that require an attorney.
  • This would include officer involved shootings and Internal Affairs investigations.
  • The NLPOA Legal Defense Program provides additional peace of mind throughout your law enforcement career. Contact your local chapter.

NLPOA Employment Advocacy

  • There may be occasions when you need to respond to adverse action based on disparate treatment and/or a pattern and practice by a law enforcement agency.
  • The NLPOA will review your case and if there is merit, we will assist with the filing of EEO complaints.
  • We will recommend attorneys for these adverse employment actions, and/or file with the U.S. Department of Justice directly.

National Affiliations with several on-line Colleges

  • Deep tuition discounts for NLPOA Members.
  • College credit for prior police training.
  • Accepts all prior college credits.
  • Accredited by the National Association of Colleges and Universities.
  • National and chapter scholarship opportunities.

NLPOA Leadership Development

  • NLPOA members are provided with the latest Leadership Training.
  • Training for First Line Supervisors.
  • Training for Mid-Level Managers.
  • Training for Law Enforcement Executives.
  • The NLPOA maintains a list for Chiefs positions and a list for federal law enforcement appointments.
  • You can participate in one of the many chapters throughout the United States, by serving on special interest law enforcement committees.

NLPOA EL Puente National Newsletter

  • Receive up-to-date information on: best practices, NLPOA member profiles, NLPOA National and Chapter Events, and current Law Enforcement Research. This newspaper has been in existence since 1978.

NLPOA Community Engagement Training

  • You can develop your professional reputation and credentials by volunteering your expertise as a Trainer, Presenter, or Keynote Speaker at the hundreds of yearly NLPOA events.
  • NLPOA provides a unique opportunity to connect and network with other law enforcement professionals who are at the top of their profession and with other community organizations.

National NLPOA Website

  • Discover the most comprehensive on-line and up-to-date website. For the latest law enforcement information log onto
  • Searching for the closest NLPOA Chapter log-on and send an e-mail to the local NLPOA Chapter President.
  • Employment, transfer and promotions positions available around the country.
  • Events Calendar section assists with keeping you in-the-know-how about what NLPOA is doing on your behalf at the local, state, regional, and federal level.
  • Access to a Members Only Section which features priority jobs, promotions testing, and federal law enforcement appointments.

NLPOAA Local and National Advocacy

  • NLPOA Members are represented by the NLPOAA, a 501©(4) corporation designed:
  • To submit legislative support at the local, state, and federal level, on issues that affect law enforcement and NLPOA members.
  • The NLPOAA is also designed for maximum active NLPOA representation for our members.

NLPOA Member Discounts

  • Car rentals, airlines, telephone services, hotels, special events, clothing, etc.