Bailey Elementary students and staff in Firebaugh, CA were the recipients of over $1200 worth of school supplies, including backpacks on Friday, August 30, 2019.

Superintendent Russell Freitas spoke to the students about the value of the supplies and thanked the NLPOA Fresno for selecting Bailey Elementary School. Superintendent Freitas and Principal Sarah Marshall accepted the supplies along with the sports chairs with NLPOA Fresno and will present the chairs to the High School Girls Swim Team, who will utilize the chairs for their meets.

A large number of Kleenex boxes were included in the supplies as per Principal Marshall’s request. Elementary Schools are in need of Kleenex and Hand Sanitizers for the students and staff. Members of NLPOA Fresno were excited to be in Firebaugh, CA and able to contribute to the students of Firebaugh. Joe Ortiz, NLPOA Fresno Treasurer, did a great job addressing the students and staff and talking about his days at Bailey Elementary. He encouraged the students to study and listen to the Teachers. California Highway Patrol Officer Graciela James addressed the students pertaining to “Bullying” and reporting it to teachers. Maria Ortiz and Rosemary Diaz did a fantastic job on organizing this event.

Rosemary Diaz, Maria Ortiz, Superintendent Russell Freitas, Joe Ortiz, Ruben Diaz, Principal Sarah Marshall, CHP Officer Graciela James

Vice Principal Karyn Church and Rosemary Diaz setting up the school supplies for the presentation
Ruben Diaz addressing students and staff
Joe Ortiz addressing the students and staff about his days at Bailey Elementary School and how he succeeded by studying.