The NLPOA Central Valley Chapter came together with the community in an all out effort to purchase the 9/11 Memorial Wall to honor the victims on the date of the attack. With the support of the community, in approximately five weeks we were able to buy the Wall and have it ready for presentation on September 11, 2021 at the Sports Plaza in Cutler, California. Romelia Castillo is due great recognition for putting so much time and effort in making the buying and the raising of the funds. Jacob Huerta, Clyde Galaviz and Tulare County Supervisor Eddie Valera also made this presentation possible through their commitment to the task, this committee and chapter members were very instrumental in the purchasing of the Viet Nam Memorial Wall which was installed at the Dinuba, California Veterans Memorial Hall, a very beautiful piece of Art that properly honors those young men who went to Viet Nam, fought and many gave their life there.

The 9/11 is in step to honoring all first responders, that could perhaps could have walked away with a very good reason, however they didn’t, and instead walked into the inferno in which they sacrificed to save so many people and in their brave decision “Gave All” NLPOA Central Valley Salutes those many police, medical personnel, Rest in Peace.