Hispanic Heritage Month by Vicente Calderon

Hispanic Heritage Month should be a time when we re-dedicate ourselves to accomplishing the Mission and Goals of the National Latino Peace Officers Association. Specifically, we need to focus in improving the learning opportunities for our young people to better prepare them for obtaining their educational dreams and grabbing the golden ring of life.

Through our combined efforts it is incredible what we can do to help them successfully move through the process of entering the learning institution of their choice. As an association, we already do many positive programs to assist young individuals on their learning road. Our youth programs such as sponsorship of sports teams, arts, mentoring, being good role models, and definitely, our scholarship programs provide them a positive image of someone they can emulate.

So, as we move through Hispanic Heritage Month and certainly throughout the year we should seek additional positive avenues where we reach out to our youth and say, “I did it and so can you,” “Si Se Puede.”