On Thursday, September 26, 2019, the University of Phoenix, Central Valley Campus, held a Hispanic Leadership Conference at the Fresno Campus. Rita Stanziale was the moderator for the evening. She along with Joycelene Gonzales organized the event. The panel addressed the challenges faced by Hispanic during their careers and what advise we had for the audience, pertaining to issues that Hispanics will face in leadership roles. We discussed the importance of higher education for Latinos and to network in the community. Giving back to the community and helping out as a mentor was a top subject during the discussions.

Frank Selgado, Marketing Manager; Margarita Martinez Baly, Attorney; Angelica Perez Flores, Site Director Centro La Familia; Bertha Perez Sanchez, Outreach Coordinator for Richards Health; Ruben Diaz, NLPOA Fresno President; Rita Stanziale, MAEd, Director of Academic Affairs and students

Panelist with Host Rita Stanziale and Students