Back to School Supplies for Brletic School

On Wednesday, August 21, 2019, Mathew Brletic Elementary School in Parlier, CA was the recipient of this school year “Back to School Supplies” from NLPOA Fresno County. The estimated value of all of the items was about $1500. The items included line paper, spiral note books, pencils, pens, glue, scissors, hand sanitizers, rulers, backpacks, over 30 sports balls with a rolling ball cage.

In attendance was Parlier Unified School District Assistant Superintendent Ruben C. Diaz. Principal Aguilera was grateful for the supplies on behalf of the students and staff thanked NLPOA Fresno. A more detailed article with photos will be placed in the Pique Newspaper during the week of August 26th.

Mathew Brletic Elementary School Sign

Principal Cristina Aguilera addressing students

Ruben addressing the students and presenting the school supplies on the stage

Sergeant Cerda, Chief Jose Garza, Ruben Diaz, Rosemary Diaz, Student, Maria Ortiz, Principal Aguilera, Tina Hindman & Jose Olivares