On Wednesday, September 23, 2020, the members of NLPOA Fresno County provided the students at Cantua Elementary School, San Joaquin, CA (Fresno County) 120 Backpacks. Principal Joe Trejo, (Son of Joe Trejo, former Chief of Police and Fresno PD Officer in the 70’s) provided us the opportunity to continue with NLPOA Fresno County Back to School Supplies program. He coordinated a “drive-by” pick up of the backpacks by the parents and students, due to Covid 19.

All of the NLPOA members wore masks for the safety of everyone and enjoyed handing out the 100 backpacks and 200 facemasks provided by NLPOA Fresno. Principal Trejo was appreciative of the gifts for the children and parents. Several of his staff members were instrumental assisting in the set-up of the tables, chairs and the “drive-by”. Thank you to all of the members who attended and assisted.

Photo #1: (L to R) Armando Hindman, Joe Ortiz, Maria Ortiz, Tina Hindman, Principal Trejo, Ruben Diaz & Jose Gutierrez

Photo #2: NLPOA Fresno County members and Backpacks

Photo #3: NLPOA members and a parent picking up backpacks

Photo #4: Parent drive-by to pick-up Backpacks with Mr. Trejo greeting them.