NLPOA Fresno County Chapter In Veteran’s Parade

The largest Veteran’s Parade in the Nation is in Fresno, California and the NLPOA Fresno County Chapter members continue to participate. This year was even bigger with more Veteran floats and participants.

Armando & Tina Hindman did a great job in coordinating the entry for NLPOA Fresno with member Dan Martin’s pontoon boat pulled by Andrew Guzman’s truck. Members on the float included Dan Martin, Navy Seaman;  Lupe Maldonado,

Armando & Tina Hindman, Rosemary Diaz, Raquel Zamorano, Rachel Diaz, Natalie and Athena Zamorano and Noah. The NLPOA Fresno County entry was announced at several locations describing its contributions to the community, including the

The NLPOA Fresno Scholarships, Back to School supplies, Sponsorship of the Youth Teams and the Coat Drive. Thousands of spectators stretched throughout the route in Fresno. We salute our Veterans for their service to our Country.

Members at bottom of boat – (L to R) Ruben Diaz, President and Armando Hindman, Community Liaison and NLPOA members inside pontoon boat.


NLPOA Member and retired Navy Seaman Dan Martin


  Photo of truck with NLPOA Fresno banner


Members inside pontoon boat with Dan Martin.