NLPOA Member on a mission in North Africa

Hello to my NLPOA Familia,

For the last two weeks, the state department’s mission, here in Tunisia (North Africa), was to have a group of 15 tactical officers from 6 different prisons in Tunisia to be trained on “Instructor Development.” Today is our graduation day for 15 SERT officers from different regions of Tunisia to include; Ben Arous, Ariana, Tunis, Mahdia Kasrine, Medinine, Souse, and Gafsa. On behalf of the City of Las Vegas Department of Public Safety, and the Southern Nevada chapter, I gave them a pin as a token of international friendship and how proud we are of their accomplishments.

I also spoke about the NLPOA on who we were, what we are and how we bridge the gap between communities and police departments. With that being said, I reached out to SOS Garmmath to give them a donation of hygiene items and monetary donation to the local orphanages here in Tunisia. Our hope is that they return back to their regions and use the training that was given to them to assist them with making their prison operations safe and secure. We also expressed that their work and career is a necessary position that is very underappreciated but we do appreciate them for all that they do and for the service they provide to their community.

Antonio Rodriguez”