Mr. Juan Jimenez died this week end and with him went a tremendous legacy of the many contributions he made to youth throughout central and southern California. He and his youth mariachis participated in several of our chapters community events. Juan was tireless and would make time to travel and participate in many community functions.

He was a man of the world and traveled through many countries with the Mariachi Los Camperos. His dedication to the youth was unmatchable, he took time to reach out to all the students and giving them free music lessons and especially hope, that they to, would reach such heights in the music world..

He recently left a voice message prayer to one of the students that was fighting COVID giving her hope and courage. Now El Senor Mariachi, Juan Jimenez, is playing his beautiful music for the Lord.

NLPOA Central Valley Chapter is honored to have know such a giving man who left behind a legacy for his dedication to the youth and arts. Juan, you are missed.