NLPOA Puerto Rico Relief Journey July 21, 2018 Steve Fajardo, NLPOA Lifetime Member

A letter from NLPOA National President Cindy Rodriguez:

I’m happy to report that our donated police car has officially been presented to the Toa Baja Police Department, PR, along with uniforms and other law enforcement equipment. There is true interest in looking further into a relationship between the police here and our NLPOA association. “We Wake Up As One Nation.”

In September 2017, Hurricane Maria became the most horrific storm that Puerto Rico has ever seen. As a result, the NLPOA endorsed a Hurricane Maria Relief Team to go to the island. The team was able to render assistance to the citizens and to police officers during that harsh time.

A request was made by one police chief to send them a police car since their fleet had been decimated by the hurricane.  Seven months later a police car was obtained and with the help of other partners shipped to Puerto Rico.  Not only was the police car presented to the police department of Toa Baja, aid was rendered to citizens who are still recovering from that devastating event. Uniforms and other equipment were disbursed to three police agencies, local churches identified families and aid was granted to them as well. One person who lost all of their belongings has been promised new appliances and furnishings to place in their home once it is re-constructed by FEMA. Food was purchased to help offset the cost of volunteer workers who are refurbishing damage to homes. A church shelter was given power tools and new school uniforms provided to four children.
The NLPOA is proud to be involved with fellow officers and citizens of Puerto Rico.  Thank you Steve Fajardo for coordinating these amazing efforts to help our fellow citizens and law enforcement professionals.


Cindy Rodriguez
NLPOA National President

Toa Baja Municipal Chief of Police, PR (2nd from L & Steve Fajardo 3rd from L) and 2-Lieutenants 

Welcoming a police vehicle and supplies from the NLPOA. Pictured: Bernardo Marquez Garcia, Mayor, Toa Baja, PR (2nd from L), Steve Fajardo, NLPOA (3rd from L) and city staff. Toa Baja coastal city settled in 1551 and officially recognized in 1745

Rio Pierda Police, 162nd Precint, Policia de Puerto Rico Receiving law enforcement equipment from the NLPOA

Policia de Puerto Rico Members

Visiting the Policia de Puerto Rico in the City of Comerio, Puerto Rico. Founded in 1826.

Travelled to the City of Carolina, Puerto Rico, and purchased school uniforms and supplies for a family who needed a little help from the NLPOA. Met with City of Carolina Chief of Police Ruben Moyeno (R).  Carolina, Puerto Rico, founded in 1815.

Puerto Rico residents are still in need of assistance. The owner of this house (in red pants) and a community worker survey the reconstruction of her home which was destroyed by Hurricane Maria. We were able to introduce them to my new “Angel in Residence” Prudence Wesson-Parker who is working on refurnishing it when the house is completed.

San Francisco Credit Union donates t-shirts to the NPOA Puerto Rico Relief Team