Centro La Familia Fiesta Night on September 27, 2019, was a festive night for all of those who attended and the Community Award Honorees. One of the Honorees was Ruben Diaz,

NLPOA Fresno President, who received an award from Centro La Familia for his community work, along with all of his efforts through the NLPOA. Margarita Rocha stated in her introduction of Ruben, that she was impressed with the work of Ruben and the NLPOA work for the youth and community. Most of Ruben’s immediate family did attend the event, as well as several hundred community members.


Rosemary Diaz and Ruben Diaz with award.

Margarita Rocha, CEO of Centro La Familia and Ruben Diaz, NLPOA Fresno President receiving his award.

Diaz Family at Centro La Familia Fiesta Night Awards: (L to R) Melissa Diaz, Renee Rolin, Shawn Rolin (NLPOA Fresno Website Master) Rosemary Diaz, Ruben Diaz, Rachel Diaz, Ruben Diaz Jr., (Kneeling) Raquel Zamorano, Heatley Diaz & Bailey Diaz