Attached is a picture of my father working as a farm worker in the 1950s he had returned home from Europe where he had fought as a Army Infantry soldier. As a farm worker myself it would be a failure on my part if this Labor Day we, NLPOA,, failed to recognize the extreme hard labor that these folks perform day in and day out. I have seen them working out in the rain. experienced the extreme exceptionally hot days at over 100 degree weather bent over with a short hoe. I would hear my Father telling my Mother at 05:am to wake the family while he made his runs in the Barrio to pick up other farm workers. In his absence we would awake, have a quick breakfast, get our tools and be out front of the house waiting for our Father to pick us up. The thermostat has been over 100 degrees for 3 months. In this terrible heat I would stop and look over the fields and marvel at the endurance of these very hard workers.

The Farm Worker is seldom recognized for his ability to work throughout the day in heat, rain or whatever weather nature provided, most of the day they were bent over picking potatoes, tomatoes, onions or standing at the very top of 12 foot ladders picking peaches, nectarines and many of the other crops that grow on trees.

I hear individuals saying “I could do that work”, but no, they can’t a person who works in the field must have dedication and stamina which today the majority of people lack. Farm workers get little benefits, if any, their salary is very low, but you know, as I hear them working in the fields, I hear them singing and continuing talking to each other, as if to say “this will make the work day go faster”.

Early in my CHP Career, I had a nice lieutenant, one day he told me that he had grown up iin a farm and said, “you know Vince, these people were happy, on Saturday they would by beer and meat, water the dirt to keep the dust down, they would play their guitars and dance”. I responded, “Lt. did you ever think that that was all they could afford to do”.

So this Labor Day say a little prayer of thanks that you are not working under such tough conditions and thank the Farm Worker for what they do.
Gracias, and have a nice relax holiday and remember whatever day, they are out their working under the hot sun. See you in Houston.and wear your masks, the CuCuy is still out there strong as always.